Insulated Concrete Forms in Portugal

Also known as ICFs this method of construction is relatively new in Portugal but has been proven in Europe and beyond for 30 years.

House in Portugal under construction with ICFs

1 October – 1 December

Simple construction using insulated Concrete Forms.

ICFs are stronger than other forms of building

ICFs are faster to build than other building methods.

The Future is not a style it’s a Concept

There are very few limits to the style of your home, so before going down the traditional route, have a look at what we can do for you.

Stronger homes that are built faster and built to last, with cheaper bills and a far superior ambience, all at an affordable and competitive price.

When we build your home, you can expect very high thermal values and far superior acoustics, which means less noise entering your home or leaving your home. It also means that there will be far less echo in your larger spaces.

We will integrate a heat recovery ventilation system into your home, this means that the air quality will always be excellent and your home should keep to a constant temperature of between 18° to 20°  Celcius. This is regardless of the outside temperature and costs a fraction of traditional heating or cooling methods to run.

But it is not only the interior of your home that is protected from the elements, the steel and concrete that provides the structure of your home, is also protected. This means that your home will last a lot longer. Ok that is not perhaps important in your life but it may be to your children, or if you have the house for a long time it will be important for resale.

We use experienced qualified tradesman for every stage of your build.

Your home will have a higher resale value.

Your home will cost much less to heat or cool.

Your home will have far better acoustics.

Your home will have an ambience, far exceeding most other homes.

Your home will have a much longer shelf life.